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Every year, it is common to share wishes for success and happiness with customers to start the New Year. These greeting cards have several functions.

As a first step, the greeting card establishes a close relationship with its customers. You show them that they matter to you and they feel privileged, which will inspire them to maintain their relationship with you. This makes you gain confidence and loyalty. Then, the greeting card helps to highlight the identity of your brand and its values. A personalized card with the colors of your company will set you apart from your competitors.

Beautiful New Year message for your coworkers

 “To all my colleagues in the office I want to share this greeting to wish you a Happy New Year and also to thank you for the honor and privilege of working at your side.”

Why send a New Year greeting card

First to please. Remember that many people are not like you, surrounded and with a lot of contact. Receive greeting cards important for some people because it is a message saying: We know that you exist, we value you, and we think of you. A grandparent, an old cousin, a tent, an uncle, an elderly neighbor will be sensitive to your gesture. Sending a greeting card is a small gesture for you, but receiving it from these people can be a great comfort.

The same goes for greeting cards sent to younger people. If you are the godfather or godmother of a young person, it is a sign that you think of her. Beyond the generations, to communicate by telephone, by SMS, or by mail is ancient. At each birthday a card can also be sent to a young person. It is a sign of gentleness.

In a more practical way, you have to maintain relationships. These relationships are not always professional; it can be a family network. If one day you need the help of someone you will be able to ask for help more easily if you have occasionally thought about it by sending out a greeting card each year. Celebrating the New Year is an excuse to keep in touch.

On the professional side, one might think that it is no longer necessary to send a corporate greeting card to its customers. Still, it’s a marketing gesture. Indeed, we must never be forgotten by our customers. Finding a new client is expensive, so keep the ones you have.

By sending a greeting card to customers, you remember his memory. Thus, as soon as he has a project he will turn more easily to you. Sometimes you want to start a project and contact the suppliers, but you cannot find the time. By sending a greeting card on which is indicated all your coordinates; you assist the task to your customer to contact you. So you can trigger an order with your Happy New Year greeting card. The greeting card can therefore be a marketing medium of great profitability.

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Greeting Cards: Important Features

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Greeting Cards: Important Features

With the rise of online business and shopping, an e-commerce website has made it easy to shop online. It has also given a new trend in shopping. Now the sellers have to adopt new ways to offer unique designs o their products. There are personalized products like t-shirts, mugs and greeting cards.

These products are specially made for specific needs. One of these services is the online greeting card service. If you are interested in starting a greeting card business, this article may be helpful for you. Here we are going to discuss some features of business card design software.

Versatile Designs

Design is something tricky. There are a lot of elements of perfect design. You must give a variety of choices in designs. Though all of your customers are not designers, they may know some facts about excellent designing of a greeting card. Social media has given awareness to everyone. You must have multiple design varieties, and the client may choose the best. Do ever restrict your customer to a single design area. If you want to compete well in the market and make your presence, it is a necessary thing.


Your customers will not like a single element. They have now a lot of sellers to choose the best that suits their needs. You must give them different options to hit. Your targeted customers may scroll your clipart library. Your product designer tool must have a clipart management feature. They may add an effect or resize the greeting card content and images. Confining your customers will make no sense. You must give them authorization over designs. This may include them happy and satisfied. You must have social media upload feature integrated into your shop. It will benefit you a lot.

Image Management

You must add emotional images. Every buyer wants emotional things for greeting and event cards. Your moving photos will engage your customers and increase sales. You must give your customers to upload their custom image. This feature is necessary for a greeting or event card software. It provides the card with a personal touch, and your client appreciates this.


It is not a hot cake selling the business. You must get an insight into the needs and requirements of your customers. You must know the latest trends and fashions in greeting card printing. You must have the most recent quotes and fresh images in your library. You must have a different color to choose from. A single color may not be the choice of everyone. You must have color selection feature in the software. It will manage colours for the products list in your shop.


There are some other features that you need to keep in mind. Brush tools and group and move object choices are must for your greeting card software. You must be responsive to your customer’s feedback. You must give attention to every single detail. Only then you may survive in the greeting cards and event card business

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